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Coming soon from Backerhaus labs is the newest web-based edition of maxQM, a web-based, rapid-response tool for managing your projects with ease and respect for your time. maxQM had already been a proven success in the private and government sectors that had helped project teams deliver projects on time and within budget. It frees up your time so that you can do the things you love to do—create, lead, and get results.

maxQM's Inline Help provides instructions in the left column.

Creating a change request is straightforward!
Creating a new CR page

Creating a change request is straightforward; each CR is assigned to the creator's team.

The heart of maxQM—the WBS Scheduler
maxQM scheduler

maxQM provides the WBS Listing panel—a Work Breakdown Structure manager that tracks ROMs, hours logged, planned and actual dates, and percent complete. The Milestone enforces critical-path milestones. It calculates automatically the project status.

For Microsoft Project users, the CSV feature renders the schedule in a CSV file that can be imported into Project.

Annunciator Panel
maxQM annunciator panel with green, blue, red, and yellow indicators

Likewise to monitoring an aircraft's status, the Annunciator panel provides team members a status of hours spent against budget and planned and actual milestone dates as indicated by color-coded annunciators (green = on-time; red = behind schedule; blue = surplus; yellow = needs a status).

Gantt Chart
maxQM Gantt chart

maxQM features its own easy-to-reference Gantt chart. For Project users, an export to CVS is provided.

maxQM checklist

All tasks need a checklist. Without it, things can get overlooked quite easily. So when something comes to mind, hop on maxQM and get it captured with ease.

Documentation and Source Code Repository
maxQM repository

As another proud addition, maxQM provides DocLib. Originally featured to support NELAC and CCHIT accreditations1, DocLib is an easier and efficient experience in source code and documentation management where files can be placed in one central location and checked out and in at anytime.

1 NELAC is the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and CCHIT is the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Risk Management
maxQM risk management screen

All projects need risk assessments. It is the project team's best practice to brainstorm risks before scheduling a project. Once that the project is started, update the risk management plan as the project moves through it's lifecycle. Here, the team can ask what risks can be present? How will the risks impact the schedule, personnel resources, or budget? The great news is that maxQM makes this task easy to implement.

maxQM billing

We're not done! maxQM also provides a built-in billing system that captures the hours and items worked by team members. This screen can be converted to a PDF invoice that can be sent to the customer.

Ask for a demonstration today! There's more to show!

Proven Track Record

maxQM enabled organizations to achieve their success by obtaining the appropriate deliverables.

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Automated Testing Equipment Program Manager (ATSPGM)
CCB Support
USAF School of Aerospace Medicine Radiation Dosimetry Lab
NELAC Accreditation
USAF Research Laboratory's Ontology Lab Web Application Deliverable
AF 3215 acceptance
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System Requirements

• OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

• Web: Adobe ColdFusion 11, ColdFusion 2016, Lucee 5

• Web Servers: Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTP, Jetty, CommandBox

• Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle


Guards against various threat vectors (e.g., SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, MITM, Race Conditions)

Why consider maxQM
The pseudo acronym means maximized Quality Management. Our engineers and management gurus at Backerhaus have researched and determined the best practices for quality program management. We avoided the fads that are scurrying around these days and stuck to what is proven.

maxQM has a proven track record of helping private and governmental agencies roll out software and media products in a timely fashion.

We know that there are a lot of other PM products to consider. The competition is fierce. So here's the deal: shop around and compare maxQM to the other products. We are confident that you will find maxQM to be a realistic choice.

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